Nikon DSLR 作品集

2009年 5月 4日


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Sigma 18-50の18で

Tokina 11-16の11で


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  1. I just got this camera at the $799 special that Amazon had going. I’ve had a D70 since they came out (my D70 is almost 5 years old) and apart from a hot line of pixels that shows up now and then (especially at higher isos), its been great. However, the one thing I’ve always faulted the D70 for is the crappy view finder and crappy screen. I have an old Nikon FE2 (they’ll have to pry this camera from my cold dead hands!) and the viewfinder is positively amazing.

    So, when my friend got the D200 a couple of years ago I drooled over it but there was no way I was going to shell out $1600+ (the camera is worth that, but it wasn’t in my budget). So when I saw this $799 deal, I jumped on it.

    I’ve only had the camera for a few days, so here are my impressions


    Viewfinder, viewfinder, viewfinder. Great bright viewfinder that makes it a pleasure to compose.

    Speed. This camera is fast to focus and fast to take pictures, especially in the continious high speed mode

    Build Quality: It is very solid (mostly metal) and the outer rubber has a nice feel to it. Also heavily gasketed.

    Dedicated controls: Most controls are dedicated, no digging through menus to change iso,wb,quality, focus mode etc. I didn’t realize the benefits of this until today morning in the cold when I realized unlike the D70, I could take pictures with gloves on.

    Ability to use old lenses. I have AIS manual focus lenses and they matrix meter on this baby. I can now use my Nikon ais 105 F2.5, which is my best portrait lens.

    Megapixels. Going from 6MP to 10MP gives more detail

    Uncompressed NEFs vs the D70’s compressed NEFs. Yeah, I know that Nikon said ‘visually lossless compression’ but I’m a maximiser, what can I say 🙂

    Much better exposure control and color accuracy. I was shocked that when taking photos in snow I didn’t have to compensate.

    True RGB Histograms in the viewFinder

    Huge 2.5 Inch high res screen compared to the 1.8 inch on my D70.


    High ISO noise (800+) while much better than the D70, lags behind other cameras (i.e Canon).

    Capture NX2 not included. Have to purchase separately.

    I’m giving the camera 5 stars because the high iso performance is not important to me. In a word, great camera. Is the D300 a better camera, yes. But it also costs $1000 more.

    コメント by nikon d200 — 2009年 5月 5日 @ 9:02 PM | 返信

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